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2020 Run for Research Awareness

A Virtual 5K Supporting Homes for Animal Heroes

With more than 3,000 dogs (across our nation available each year to be rehomed following their contributions to biomedical research, the demand for Homes for Animal Heroes is increasing faster than we can keep up! With your help, we can expand our foster network and find more permanent, loving homes for well-deserving dogs.

Reed is one of 12 Beagle puppies in NY who was urgently rehomed by Homes for Animal Heroes at the start of COVID-19 thanks to the support of friends like you.

What makes Murphy a hero? Murphy is an unaffected male from a colony of dogs with Batten Disease—a fatal, inherited disorder of the nervous system that affects dogs and young children. Children suffering from Batten disease become blind, bedridden, and demented; they typically die in their late teens or early twenties. Murphy’s canine family and his researchers are studying gene and enzyme therapies for affected dogs, and an enzyme therapy to treat affected children is currently in clinical trials.

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Gift Levels to Consider

$1,000: Help provide for labor and resources related to program expansion to 4 new states (total of 16) and 7 more research institutes in 2020.

$500: You can provide the costs to rehome one dog! All food, supplies, veterinary care, flea/tick preventatives, and adoption screenings will be covered, thanks to you.

$250: The cost of an unexpected illness or accident can add up quickly for a rehome. Your gift provides the veterinary attention a hero needs.

$100: A new crate and bedding ensure a cozy place for a hero to rest, sleep, or play.

$50: A collar, leash, food, and toys while a hero is being fostered.

About Homes for Animal Heroes

Homes for Animal Heroes is a program of the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) that is dedicated to rehoming retired research dogs and sharing the facts about the critical role animals in research play in curing disease.

The program was inspired by the research community’s desire to find loving homes for their animals, as well as the need to educate the public on the facts about our animal heroes and how they improve human and animal lives.

The truth is that virtually every vaccine, treatment, cure, diagnostic and surgical procedure available today has been made possible through studies with animals. Research animals, the highly trained professionals who care for them, and the researchers themselves, are heroes to people and animals they will probably never meet and they deserve our gratitude

The Homes for Animal Heroes network of staff, foster volunteers, and research facilities works together to accommodate retired research dogs. For more information, read about the goals of Homes for Animal Heroes. 

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